It happened…… I never thought it would happen again….but it did!

I have had the best steak EVER!

It’s a drizzly Thursday afternoon and after a solid day of recruiting chefs’ I have developed a bit of a serious appetite! I decided it was time to splash out and take a colleague to try something new in Soho. Thunderbolt moment….. Temper by Neil Rankin. I tried some of their dishes at Taste of London a couple of years ago and its suitably exciting for two hungry chef consultants! A last minute reservation and we find ourselves outside the glass fronted building staring at hanging meat in a Himalayan salt chamber fridge. It is safe to say I am already excited.

The door opens and your can smell the smoke drifting up from the basement below. We check in and are guided by the friendly host deep into the Soho cave to see a huge, 5 metre fire pit roaring in the middle of the restaurant. A strapping chef wielding a shovel is piling the ash and tending his fire……it’s insanely theatrical and my eyes are immediately drawn to the huge chunk of beef dripping into the embers below.

After we got seated in front of the action at the bar, we are recommended a couple of interesting and slightly unusual craft beers and we also both jump in for a couple of cocktails.

The Head chef Ash introduces himself while he is prepping and gives us a little bit of an overview of the menu and a taster of the beef fat taco, incredible taste and from a rare breed Dexter cow that is slow cooking above the flames.


Its time for the main event though. We get our order in and due to our greedy nature go over the top and got a bit of everything. A couple of Tacos, a bone marrow and lamb Paratha and we go for a conservative 300g rump for £18 to share which seems fairly good value for London.

Its a great start with a mix of flavours and a lot of fresh lime and coriander to go with the spices. Everything has a big fatty, juicy, smoky hit and is a massive flavor punch and I bloody love it…..its a guilty feeling but SOOOO good and might require a few jogs this week!

By this time though we are stuffed and the steak arrived……

One word…..phenomenal. Cooked on a very high heat and none of that grey effect from the meat steaming. It is so hot on the grill that the meat is sealed very quickly and leaves the inner meat perfectly cooked thanks to the chefs’ timings. Every mouthful is heaven and accompanied by a really interesting Kimchie Bearnaise. This is not just any steak, this is a master stroke and cooked to perfection. I am salivating thinking about it and even though its been a week since I went I can’t wait until my next visit!

Temper now have 3 restaurants and rumours of a couple of new sites on the horizon.

If you are interested in finding a new job as a chef in London, please send a CV to or call 07891369516 for a confidential chat

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