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We’re here to help with everything from Line Chefs to Executive Chefs, covering kitchen management, menu development, and specialised areas such as pastry, bakery, sushi and even high-end accolades like Rosette and Michelin recognition. We’re your go to for all things culinary!

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culinary careers
our back of house roles

Our extensive network connects you with highly skilled chefs and kitchen staff, from Line Chefs to Executive Chefs.

Delve into specialised areas like pastry, bakery, sushi, and more, including those with prestigious accolades like Rosette and Michelin recognition.

What we offer

  • Commis Chef
  • Chef de Partie
  • Junior/Senior Sous Chef
  • Area/Regional Chef
  • Development Chef
  • Executive Chef
  • Head of Food/Chef Director
  • Head Chef/Kitchen Manager

Toby is a successful, determined Chef Recruiter who really understands the needs of his client. In my role as Recruitment Manager at both All Star Lanes and Brunning & Price, Toby has been able to find great quality candidates for hard to fill roles. What makes him stand out from his peers however is the time he takes to ensure he really understand the business & what is required from an applicant and, most importantly, his ability to gain the candidate's buy in. It is a genuine pleasure to work with Toby and I look forward to continuing to do so long into the future.


Recruitment Manager | All Star Lanes

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