One of the best parts of being in Recruitment is you get to meet some awesome people and join them on the great journey that is finding something new. Last year I had the pleasure of helping Richard Belle, who was former MP of Gaucho, find his new role as General Manager at Bloom Kensington which is part of Incipio Group;

Hi Richard,

G: How are you?

R: I’m very well thanks for asking, how are you?

G: I’m great thank you!

So, Richard, tell me – what made you get into the wonderful world of hospitality?

R: I loved the ever changing, unpredictable, fast paced world of Hospitality

G: Tell us a little about your hospitality past.

R: I trained as a chef & baker, but after working for Albert Roux and having the flexibility and need to interact with guests I very early on decided to move front of house.

I’ve worked for a number of large companies such as SFI Group & Urbium, ETM, & Soho Bars. I’ve worked for Gaucho and had my own 400 capacity bar/club as well.

G: If you could go back and re-do something in your career, what would that be?

R: Honestly, I don’t believe in re-doing anything, the path has led me the way it has and I’m not the kind of person that lives in the past, which makes decision making very straight forward normally.

G: What is your biggest accomplishment in your career?

R: Opening my own venue with my brother has to be it, it’s what most people in the industry hope to do at some point. Its defiantly something I’ll be doing again at some point. The stress, tears and worry are all worth it once it all comes good.

G: How is life with Incipio and at Bloom?

R: Incipio Is one of the best companies I’ve worked for, the guys are so professional and open minded. They really value input and genuinely want it. Charley and Ed have built a team of great people and feel lucky to be part of it.

G: What made you join Incipio?

R: The deciding factor for me was the people, I really liked the concept, I really liked what the guys had done before and I was looking to get back into late night so that all worked. However, after meeting Charlie and Ed I was convinced it was the right move for me.

G: Tell us a little about the concept behind Bloom.

R: The easiest way is that it’s your neighbourhood nightclub & Bar. No fluff no front, just big tunes, dancing, good drinks and happy people!

Relaxed and friendly, with open format music policy, no dress code and no pretentious behaviour.

G: What makes an awesome Manager?

R: An awesome manager is a culmination of many things, A leader, a mentor, a listener. Some one that knows his industry and business, is efficient, understanding, shows empathy and has a real interest in developing their team.

G: As I mentioned at the start, I had the pleasure of joining you on this journey to finding Incipio – How was your overall experience with Appetite? (No pressure – haha!)

R: I have always had a great business relationship with appetite, I’ve always used Appetite when looking for managers in my own business and it only made sense to use them when I was looking for a new opportunity. Everyone I dealt with has always had the right balance between looking out for both parties involved, it’s what I find most reassuring.

Thank you so much for your time today Richard, it’s been great catching up and a pleasure as always!


Article by Georgia Stevens