It’s 7pm, I have just landed on the new sofa in a pair of slippers with a hot cup of tea. I pick up a random notebook and start scribbling  (The Art of Positive Journaling – Megan Hayes great read!)

It’s been a bit of a muddle of a day but my mind moves quickly to a pretty happy memory of lunch, mostly because it was an unexpected enjoyment in my day I had not anticipated.

Rewind 6 hours and I am sitting in our new London office the Hoxton, it’s STILL drizzling and despite our epic new view of the whole city, all I can see is grey from sky to concrete building…. Lunch time I think! Myself and another consultant Josh take to the road for the sad Tesco package sandwich that awaits us around the corner.

We reach the corner of Southwark station and my eyes connect with the total surprise of an honest burger….had this been here the whole time and I missed it?? Goodbye meal deal ….hello new exciting lunch. Josh declines as he has a meeting shortly and I make a solo bee line for the door with focus and intent, I know what I want and I want it NOW!

My entrance is quick and efficient, a relaxed and friendly server greeting, seat in the window, tribute burger ordered…it’s all very smooth and I sit down with anticipation while scanning a couple of emails on my phone and watching the grey outside from my bar stool.

I have had many burgers in my time and over the last four years about ten from Honest…. mostly brilliant, one bad (nobody is perfect) and the memory of my first, which was a game changer in my future expectations of ‘what makes a good burger’.

The picture above is NOT my burger….. because as mine landed my animalistic madness took over (as usual) and I became immersed in destroying the plate in front of me! It’s pretty emotional and my stomach grumbles in agreement as I write. Perfectly soft brioche, a properly pink burger and the crispiness of the rosemary chips is 100% there (the hardest part to get right in my opinion). The whole experience was great and I find myself surprised at how good it was AGAIN. The server clears my plate, delivers the bill with a knowing smile that I clearly loved what just happened.

Then it’s over and I leave. On reflection maybe it was the drizzle that elevated my experience and a good meal has clouded my view….or maybe it really is STILL the best burger in London. Either way I WILL be back and was pretty grateful to have a company with such a commitment to that level of quality just round the corner… and a gym near our office!

Keep up the good work guys! #hospitalityproud