2020 is almost upon us and let’s hope you are seeing things clearly for what is looking like a very exciting year ahead.

New openings and industry innovation are coming through at a rate of knots and those that can keep up or set the trend will be clear winners.

At Appetite we have a great insight into the worlds fastest changing sector and while some are sitting on their hands waiting for Brexit to blow over, others are seizing the opportunity to grow and become the next big thing in 2020!

Here are our predictions for the year ahead!

New ideas will take centre stage

Everyone loves something new, sexy and innovative and next year will be no different. After the souffle style collapse of Jamie Oliver this year and countless CVA’s from large companies, some of the best restaurant spaces in the country have become available and openings are happening left right and centre. New concepts like Sweet Chick, Thunderbird chicken, Slim chickens and Chicken’n’sours are firing like a V12 engine to tap into the new desire for instragram-able junk food. The same is happening in the fine dining market with the very exciting move for Tom Aikens working on a 25 cover concept that is set to rock the London scene and probably scoops some serious silverware. Whatever happens it is an exciting time for consumers and those who work in hospitality to get onboard with a new and growing concept.



It is hard to ignore the huge impact extinction rebellion had this year in London. Mass disruption with a simple agenda and message…. stop screwing the planet! What a great impact this will have on our sector. Expect to see consumers making informed choices on everything from takeaway single use plastic all the way through to where they choose to eat. Those that embrace this fully and take action to get rid of single use plastic, source sustainable ingredients and go carbon neutral will be splashing this information all over social media to win the hearts and minds of the younger generation. You also never know how much more impact this could have, possibly even leading to new law which would change the face of hospitality. Also, expect the continues growth of the Vegan and vegeterian sectors and a move towards healthy eating in places like Daisy Green, EL&N and independent venues popping up from streetfood to fine dining.


Technology advances

Every year some new kit comes out promising to revolutionise the sector. In reality we expect to see upcoming smaller incremental changes. Improvement in booking systems, consumer interface technology and probably more unique ways to pay for your meal. Also, expect to start to see the first signs of restaurants incorporating new tech into kitchens and maybe even some robotics to assist the team. Safe to say though after recent surveys, people will always prefer a face to face person rather than a machine at the table….no rise of the robots this year!


Work hard, play hard

2019 has seen the increase in hospitality spaces that do something more fun and as destination settings. Crazy golf specialists Puttshack are in growth, alongside a myriad of other ‘fun’ things to do while you have a beer! Ping pong, bowling, darts and shuffleboard (to name a few) are all very popular at the moment and we expect to see new activity venues popping up across London.


Failure and success

As always in the hospitality sector we will see some closures, but for those that can innovate, deliver a unique experience and tap into the market it will be a VERY big year ahead!

Watch this space and follow us for all the latest industry news, vacancies and hospitality related info!

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