Yesterday marked our 2nd (socially distanced) team meeting where we discussed and presented our plans to support our industry friends with the looming issue of the inevitable talent shortage in the industry and that fine balance between finding the right people and having the time to make your business opening ready.

All of our investment and innovation over the last year has been geared towards making us ‘fitter – faster – stronger’ and quite simply more efficient at connecting the best people with the best opportunities, FAST.

  • We have a brand new, state of the art database which allows us to easily find and connect, and keep connected to a huge talent pool of exceptional hospitality operators at every level.
  • We have a great new website which showcases not only us, but the exciting permanent roles which are beginning to come in, thick and fast.  Check out the rest of the family with Appetite4Work for temporary work across London and Surrey, and Hospitality Jobs UK  for an exclusively hospitality job board platform – across our partner businesses, we are confident that however you need our support, we’ve got you covered.
  • Our new telecoms system means we’re connected wherever we are.
  • Our offices have been sparkled and are ready to be the lively hub of activity once more.
  • We have just launched our Appetite Wellness Project (with special thanks to Jemma Springle) to support the mental health and wellbeing of our team as we step up a gear and return to firing on all cylinders.  Our team are THE most important to us and if we’re well, we can be the best humans we can be and do the best job for YOU.
  • And on the topic of team…. watch this space…

The talent shortage is a real issue and we are tackling it head on.

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