According to a recent report on the Drinks Business website, “around 330,000 staff currently working in the UK hospitality industry are considering leaving the UK due to Brexit”. The report cited a YouGov survey which predicted a “severe shortage of staff” across the sector in coming years.

Whether this expressed desire turns into EU nationals actually leaving the UK is yet to be seen. 53% of staff surveyed believe that Britain has become a “less welcoming place” although the Government has repeatedly expressed that they wish EU nationals to stay in the country.

Golden opportunity to recruit new staff?

Whatever side of the argument you’re on, many Brexit supporters expressed the belief that, in the longer run, leaving the EU provided the UK with a “golden opportunity” to retrain British citizens to provide them with the skills that the British economy needs now and in the future.

That may well be the case as, according to the charity, Only A Pavement Away, there are tens of thousands of UK citizens to whom the hospitality industry offers them the opportunity for an enjoyable and productive life – the homeless, ex-military personnel, people with learning difficulties, and ex-offenders.

The charity acts as “a conduit to help those people struggling to get into work overcome hurdles by finding jobs within the hospitality, pub and restaurant industry…We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity and a chance to forge a career. Our industry is an exciting one built on people”.

What are the figures?

According to the charity’s website, there are:

  • 83,673 people in prison (including 4,400 veterans)
  • 15% of offenders were homeless before they offended
  • An ex-offender in employment is two-thirds less likely to reoffend

4,000-5,000 people are rough sleepers, according to the charity “Give With Confidence”.

The UK economy loses over £1.5bn by not hiring military veterans, according to research conducted by Barclays Bank and as reported on the Small Business website.

Just 47% of disabled citizens are in employment with the figure dropping to 16% for people on the autism spectrum and less than 6% for those with learning disabilities.

Appetite4Recruitment thinks that this is an extraordinary waste of the talent and potential of our fellow citizens.

What does Only A Pavement Away do?

In their first year, their aim is to fill 300 jobs, rising to 500 in their second year, and 800 in their third year.

And this is how they intend to do it. For job seekers, a detailed assessment is carried out on the person whom they’re helping to find work. From the very start of the process, employers and support professionals are involved. They’re then sent on a training program and they receive help to prepare for interviews with prospective employers in hospitality.

Once a job has been secured, the charity arranges support for the employee’s first 12 months delivered by local charities and associations.

Appetite is aiming to raise £3,000 for our friends at Only A Pavement Away

We’ve been working for over 14 years now matching the right employee with the right employer in the fun, fast-moving, ever-changing hospitality sector. We’re there for both permanent and temporary staffing needs.

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