Breakfast. In my eyes it is the most important meal of the day; the right breakfast will set you up for the day and ultimately it can change the day you have. Skip it and who knows how that will affect the rest of your day? The only issue with it is that it is always so hard to decide what to have, it takes time, and frankly no one is that energised in the mornings. Anywhere that can offer a healthy and slightly unhealthy breakfast is on to a win for me. This is exactly what the Rail House Café does. An actual stone’s throw away from London Victoria, there is an offering of breakfasts ranging from your healthy smashed avocado on sour dough through to the beautifully named “Burgerdict”, an abundance of pick me up smoothies and juices to start the day right.

The shabby chic interior looks like you have stepped back in time. Everything is open and bare, long wooden tables that stretch for metres, chandeliers from the ceiling and corrugated metal roof; everything is in its place and fits perfectly. An open bar with high chairs that offer you a chance to see right into the kitchen as the chefs are working. It is light and airy with tall ceilings, laid back sofas and a vibe that entices you in, makes you comfy and keeps you wanting to stay. It’s great that they offer a take out service or many a morning would be lost in its delightful grasp.

As mentioned before the beautifully named “Burgerdict” drew me in and Icouldn’t resist trying it with added bacon just to add to the calorific intake that I was to endure. It’s a thing of beauty and as the name suggests, it consists of a muffin base, topped with an aged dried beef patty, red onion, tomato, gherkins, cured streaky bacon topped with a cross between a hollandaise and burger sauce. And to top it off: a poached egg that was cooked to perfection! It was simply stunning and was by far one of the best burgers I’ve had let alone having it before breakfast. Accompanied by a smoothie just to level it all out.

My breakfast date had the shakshuka which was a wonderful tomato and pepper-based dish with an egg in the centre and contained little pockets of avocado and feta. The whole meal was a delight and an experience that I would happily repeat every morning before work or if I ever have to meet a client first thing this will be my first choice. It’s a gem of a find and in the hustle and bustle of the city, the perfect place to allow yourself the time out to enjoy watching people pass by as you enjoy some truly delicious food.

By Alison Bua & Liam McCarthy