Having arranged to see friends who have recently moved to England from Australia for a night out we obviously started at 12th Knot Bar which is located on the 12th floor of Sea Containers London before heading to Temper Restaurant Soho, on a recommendation from Dan Harbert which Mike Arnold kindly booked for us with the corner table. What a recommendation!

From the minute we walked in we could feel the energy and I can’t even say how many times we said ‘this is awesome’ throughout the evening. For me it’s the whole experience when it comes to dining out and Temper is nothing short of genius. Having bumped into these guys at @Taste of London a couple of years ago and seeing a whole goat on a barbecue pit turned over and stoked, I suspected it might be a bit special.

It’s always a funny pressure taking friends to restaurants when they say ‘you decide’ knowing what you do for a living and going on recommendation made it a tad exciting. The roaring BBQ pit in the centre of the open kitchen is definitely a centre point and the expert and caveman approach to cooking nothing short of impressive. The chef gave us samples as he did his thing- offering us cuts of steak, goat and spicy sausage as he shared his selection. If you’re precious about the real side of dining don’t go but if you love the simple things done well with intensity definitely do!! Basically, if you love food, people, energy and sociability it’s as good as it gets – fact!


The Porterhouse, Fillet and Smoked goat Tacos were so good that any pretentious descriptions don’t apply. Just tasted great – really great – and the sides simply amazing. We obviously shared a well-chosen bottle of Rioja and our waiter Lukas was both cool and knowledgeable. I love it when someone ‘gets you’ and navigates you through the menu with exactly what you want and need. Very good.

A nightcap at Milk & Honey and carriages home. Love Love Love Hospitality!


By: Nick Clover