(See the video below- Not an Every Day Occurrence in my experience !)

I’ll come back to that…

(In the meantime!) Having worked in the hospitality industry in various capacities since late childhood, I’ve enjoyed battling through a lot of the market challenges and strived to maintain the tenacity required to move continuously to the next level while maintaining integrity against the grain at times.

Being someone who is consistently ready for a challenge, I have to say that it’s (Hospitality is) the best industry to work and play in. In whatever capacity we stand as hospitality professional I think we’ll all agree that it’s really important to know what our client base, competitors and industry friends are up to and. Let’s face it, it’s a perk of the job!

My Saturday night this week involved a beer at the beautiful Individual Restaurant Group’s, Piccolino Restaurant, Virginia Water; post skating with Giordana Annibal of Brewhouse and Kitchen. (Cover Picture), Worth checking out if you’re in the area .

Dinner followed at Stag on the River, Eashing which is part of the amazing pub Group Red Mist Leisure. It was as delicious as it looks and another client that it’s always a pleasure to support/ enjoy down time at.

Tough life! Randomly and back to my initial ‘Non-Everyday Occurrence’ ; having returned to Godalming, the home of one of Appetite4Recruitment and Appetite4Work’s offices, I had one of those surreal and enjoyable moments in life where you question whether this is actually happening! I’ve posted the video should you wish to have a look at the very brief video of one of the friendliest foxes I’ve ever been lucky enough to encounter. Beautiful animal.

Happy Monday everyone!