“All we want to do is cook beautiful food and have a good time doing it” are the words from Head Chef Iain Smith at No. Fifty Cheyne.

I have had the luxury to visit, eat and work in some wonderful restaurants in my time as a chef, but No. Fifty has to be up there with some of the best. You could walk past it, miss it and regret the fact that you did! Nestled in Chelsea, this restaurant wouldn’t look out of place on the verandas of Monaco, Antibes or Cannes. Inside the ceiling is lined with stunning flowers, just like the ones that arch the entrance, the restaurant is lined with gold and white with the most amazing bar space. An open grill section is right in front of you as you enter, where steaks and fish are cooked in front of your eyes.

After a quick conversation with Iain about how things have been going since the opening five months ago, I was eager to get my whites on and jump in the kitchen, so I did! I met the team in this friendly environment and started on the garnish section. I quickly learnt that this was a kitchen with a traditional set up with a modern twist. You have larder, garnish, meat & fish and pastry, however in an old school kitchen chefs would never delve into another section. This was a family of chefs who wanted to help everyone out and make sure that the ethos of cooking beautiful food and having fun was at the forefront of the kitchen. I soon learnt that this brigade was the core of potentially something brilliant and what it needs is the same like-minded chefs to join and who want to become part of the family.

Cooking beautiful is the aim of the game and the dishes that I saw and tasted were just that, quality ingredients that don’t need any of the faff. Quality ingredients speak for themselves! An example of this is the green bean starter. There is nowhere to hide, you have to deliver depth of flavour, elements that leave you wanting more and my gosh, does this starter do that. I won’t go into too much detail because it would spoil the outcome but it’s a must have as a starter or a side dish to go with a main! The steaks are again all about the quality; however the magic that goes into cooking their steaks won’t be revealed; like all good magicians I couldn’t reveal any secrets…

In essence I had a great time learning about No. Fifty, not because it was a fun time, not because as a company we have vacancies to help fill with them, not because I got to try some amazing food, but because I want to help them on their journey to become better by finding the right candidates to help them on their journey to succeed. Do that and one more relationship has been built that will last long into the sunset. This is where we can make a difference at Appetite4recruitment. This is the way we want to do business and these are the relationships we want to grow and build.

Article by Liam McCarthy