What I do care about is the right from wrong that was installed into me at a very young age and from which I live by and expect others to do the same. One of the most ethical colleagues I have the pleasure of working with is Toby Wilde, Senior Chef consultant at Appetite. He has an exact moral compass and is 100% honest; No bulls*it or lies. In fact I’m lucky with my colleagues in this and other senses, past and present and I’m lucky to have given some great in-house recruiters a bit of a break and from which there are some success stories who (you know who you are) have done incredibly well who I probably haven’t given enough credit to but am impressed with to say the least!

When I set up Appetite, I learnt very quickly that a lot of recruitment agencies (not all but at the time it was the majority) was an opportunity and a challenge in itself. Having not done the recruitment ‘thing’ in hospitality before and with very little experience (none in permanent recruitment) I was shocked by the dishonesty with some of my peers/ competitors. Lies were/ are commonplace and money over people is ok right? Wrong! I love the Nando’s philosophy of people first, customers second and money is the output. People look after customers so look after them. Put money first and its license to screw people over and to be dishonest from what I can ascertain.

Having been lucky enough to play a part in a small number of businesses I maintain an honest approach and while I’m by no means perfect to say the least believe strongly in integrity. People who cheat in the short term WILL get found out and having met a few very rich dishonest people recently see one thing in common in that they’re deeply unhappy. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with making lots of money – it’s how you do it’s that’s important and should be in line with how you live and ultimately to be treating others as you would like to be treated yourself.

I won’t lie- it saddens and maddens me when I hear blatant lies and equally when I hear about people being used and treated as objects for someone’s success to their own detriment. Yes- there are two sides to every story but when the same people are doing the same thing it makes you wonder right? Right!

One of the biggest compliments was in a catch-up meeting with Louise Wooller who mentioned that we are known as The Agency with integrity a while ago and this has been repeated by various others. I see this as a compliment to my entire team and are grateful to them for it.

As I’m surrounded by great people and leaders in Appetite4Recruitment, Appetite4Work and Hospitality Jobs UK I always go back to two words. Call them my go to words. Fun and Success. In businesses they complement each other. I’ve said this before and will say it again because one without the other is futile.

Being honest is not all the easiest route but in the long term it’s the best way. Why do people not see this? Is it because of laziness or because they think it’s ok because ‘it’s just business’.

Whatever your opinion let me ask you this. If you’re under charged or overcharged do you speak up? I’m not saying I’m a saint and I’m certainly not proud of everything I’ve done but what I am proud of is to work with honest people and to be an honest person who considers people.

I won’t lie. I want to have fun and be successful….